William Romero – Leader in Wealth Management and the Financial Services Industry

William Romero has been a leader in Wealth Management and the Financial Services Industry for almost 2 decades.

He started his career at JPMorgan and for over 8 years was a Market Director for their Private Client Group. As a Market Director, William lead large teams of advisors in both Southern California and New York, including oversight of their International Division. William has also been a successful VP for AXA Advisors and a Top Partner at The New York Life Greater New York office.

Today this experience and track record of success has lead to an SVP/Partnership at Iron Birch Advisors a Private Wealth Advisory firm of Ameriprise Financial.

Aside of his career in Wealth Management William is also the 2 time President for the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals Queens NY, An active speaker for ALPFA NY and the former President of PorColombia New York.

William received his BBA in Finance at Baruch College in New York City and hold his Series 7, 63, 66, 9, 10, 53 and 24 Securities/Licenses.

What have you found to be the biggest challenge as an immigrant in your field?

I believe my biggest challenge has been breaking through traditional and culture learnings to “make it “ in this Capitalist business enivroment.

What motivates you to keep pursuing your dreams?

My parents, their sacrifice and struggles as immigrants to raise my sister and I with major challenges keeps me going.

What advice would you give to others that want to pursue their passion?

So much advice to give, in short it would be to understand your “why.” Why is it your passion, why are you pursuing it. Your why will keep you determined and refocused when things get tough. And they will get tough, more often than not.
What is one meaningful story that comes to mind from your time as an entrepreneur that would you like to share with others?

I have many, in summary there have been a few selective times when I pretty much lost “everything.” When I was riding high one day and everything seemed to crumble the next both personally and professional. The learning is keep your faith strong. My faith has led me through the darkest of times and have always provided me hope when I may have felt hopeless. If you work on your faith and feed it through the good, it will be there for you through the bad and lead you back.

Who was your biggest influence that inspires you to pursue your dreams in this country?

My mother, her work ethic, perseverance and courage to move forward in the toughest of times has been symbol of faith in myself throughout my life.

To learn more about William, you can visit his website: https://www.ameripriseadvisors.com/team/iron-birch-advisors/

or you can connect with him via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/william-romero-601b2322/

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