Marisol Carrere – Trilingual Actress, Writer and Producer

Marisol Carrere is a trilingual actress/writer/producer. Played CARMEN PABON, in CARMEN PABON PRESENTE! Part of the Metropolitan Playhouse EAST SIDE STORIES UNMASKED, live-streamed reading 2021.

She played Doña Miguelina in “SAILOR” at DREAM-UP FESTIVAL Theater For The New City 2019.


VOCES DEL BARRIO with Robinson Posada (in development).

RIN RIN EN LA MOTO (in post-production) Robinson Posada writer/Jhon Freddy Ospina director.


CRACKDOWN BIG CITY BLUES writer/director Paul De Silva.

SEX, LOVE & SALSA an Adrien Manzano film (In Festivals Worldwide).

CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR by producer/director J.W. Cortez.

She wrote/produced “I Am Julia”, directed by David Capurso (2012 Golden Palm Award/MIFF), and was recognized as NY1 News “New Yorker of The Week” for her Community work in schools with her Film Arts & Educational Program “THE I AM PEACE PROJECT” presented in various NYC high schools and community centers, most recently: ZiyoArt Educational Program of Mahalla USA Educational and Cultural Center, Brooklyn NY 2021. I AM JULIA had a Public Screening at the Open Doors-Open Studio Festival, NYC 2019.

Additional Theater: Received Best Actress Awards: EL MANDATARIO IDIOTA/THE IDIOT RULER writer/director Walter Ventosilla, YOU ALWAYS FORGET SOMETHING/SIEMPRE SE OLVIDA ALGO director Angel Morales, OH!YANTAY writer/director Walter Ventosilla -TeatroStageFest. Best Lead Actress Nominations: TIDE BEYOND THE RIFT director Jose Esquea- Midtown International Theater Festival, Q.E.P.D director Iván Argudo, THE LITTLE HUT/LA PEQUEÑA CABAÑA (Also co-translating/adapting from French/Spanish texts) director Gloria Zelaya. SCREMING IN SILENCE from Deyanira Garcia’s poetry book on domestic violence (Also co-translating/adapting from Spanish text). Marisol wrote the dramatic plays “ART AND CHAOS”, presented in a Virtual reading with Around The Block – Al Doblar La Esquina organization 2020, wrote her first play NAKED BEFORE YOU (Julia de Burgos Theater 2006). She appeared in various Print/Commercial Spots & Public Service Announcements.

Affiliations: SAG-AFTRA, New York Women In Film & Television, LULAC NY Council 23055 (Arts & Cultural Director), FELT, INC (Vice president), and member of HOLA. She is a Freelance Biographer at Case-Quest, INC. And is a recipient of the Excellence in Acting Award Hunter College/Theatre Arts Department, studied at The University of Reims, France,

What have you found to be the biggest challenge as an immigrant in your field?

The biggest challenge I confronted as an immigrant when I decided back in my teen years to peruse a career as a performing artist and writer, was multifaceted. For many years my family was struggling to survive and adapt to a new culture. There was certainly not enough time and money, nor a belief form my parents to ever consider supporting their children in an artistic career. To make it worst we didn’t have any kind of guidance nor connections.

What motivates you to keep pursuing your dreams?

I have great respect for all the Arts, and anyyone who pursues their passion to work as an Artist. It is extremely challenging, and yet a beautiful career if one succeeds. My love for theater, literature and film, and my burning desire to be a creative Force within that universe, is what keeps me going.

What advice would you give to others that want to pursue their passion?

Choose a career that makes you happy, and that you are good at. Do everything within your power to stay true to your dreams. Think big, connect to your higher self, and ask for what you want. As difficult as it could get, never give up! Do not allow outside influences to take you down, or make you feel that you are not good enough. Continue to learn, get help, and strive to reach perfection. Have faith, stay honest, and be patient. Because, the truth is, you are the only one who will make it happen, or Not.

What is one meaningful story that comes to mind from your time as an artist, that you would like to share with others?

When I was starting out as an Artist, I was a bit lost. Because I had no contacts, and I really didn’t know how to navigate the Performing Arts industry, I made lots of mistakes, and met the wrong people. So a big lesson that I learned and would like to share, is that one needs to be well prepared and knowledgeable, in order to succeed in this field. And of great importance, I’ve learned to follow my instincts. Your instincts will never lead you astray.

Who was your biggest influence that inspires you to pursue your dreams in this country?

One of the most influential people for me, when I was contemplating becoming an actress was Rita Moreno, I have always been in awe of her great talent. And my mother, who’s determination and strength have taught me to have endurance.

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