Nisha Sawhney – Entrepreneur, Industrial Designer Expert

Nisha Sawhney, the founder of SnS Design, Inc a company that specializes in developing successful consumer products that sell. Nisha has been supporting businesses, entrepreneurs and manufacturers with ideas that impacts change and revolutionize the industry. She brings business ideas and new products into existence utilizing holistic innovative product design solutions. Nisha has a proven success rate with her global clients in the US, UK, Switzerland, Japan, Israel, India, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Hong Kong, and China.

Founded SnS Design, Inc in 2003 – 20 years of experience developing successful products that sell! Specializing in Consumer Goods, Home appliances, Housewares, Consumer Electronics, Medical Devices, and the Internet of Things. Example – Baby cribs, electric car charging station, Zipz single-serve wine glass (Got the biggest deal in Shark Tank history), medical device for opioid pill dispenser and many more.

With HIGH-LEVEL GLOBAL thinking, Nisha Sawhney has been supporting global businesses, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers with ideas that impact change and revolutionize the industry. Her global clients are in the US, UK, Switzerland, Japan, Israel, India, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Hong Kong, and China.

Featured in Forbes – “The Woman Who Could Design Anything, And Did”. She has served as a juror for a decade at The International Consumer Electronics Show CES and was also invited as a speaker at CES events. Featured as a product design expert and Focus group expert on PBS show –

She has been awarded utility and design patents for consumer products.

QUALIFICATIONS: Valedictorian earning a Master’s Degree in Industrial design and Bachelor’s degree in Architecture.

What have you found to be the biggest challenge as an immigrant in your field?

At first I had a hard time understanding the American accent but I was able to pick it up in a couple of months. I was afraid to miss out on important product details my client mentioned and I was afraid to ask them to repeat it. There was also an issue of British English and American English as many words are pronounced differently and in India, I grew up learning British English.  

What motivates you to keep pursuing your dreams?

Freedom!! There are unbelievable amounts of opportunities in America to be able to pursue your dreams. I have been blessed with so many amazing, talented, genuine, and down-to-earth friends who believed in me, my passion, and my dreams. I want to help pursue my dreams that will also help everyone around me. America gave me the foundation, friends, support, and vision to pursue my dreams.  In America, there are so many people from all around the world with a diverse culture but have the same passion and dream which makes America one of the best places in the world to pursue your dreams. 

What advice would you give to others that want to pursue their passion?

First most, make sure you love what you do. If you can work on dreams for free and still be happy then turn it into a business. Work hard to become an expert in your field, have a curious mind, never stop learning, research as much as possible from all different sources, keep improving yourself in what you do as well as a human being. If you don’t know about something then teach yourself. Knowledge is key!! Coming as an immigrant you also bring your country’s wealth of knowledge, culture, and connections. 

What is one meaningful story that comes to mind from your time as an entrepreneur that would you like to share with others?

In India, I worked as an architect and industrial designer for three years after finishing school. I worked on several different projects from designing elaborate huge decorative gates, lifestyle products, refrigerators, interior designing, and exhibition design. In 2003, when I started my new business in New York City I was confused how to pitch myself to potential clients and if it was a good idea to start a business without joining an American company to get some experience under my belt. So I started as a freelancer to test the market and took on every kind of design project I can from point of purchase to packaging to small product design projects. My first year was great but my second year was not good at all which was scary. I was debating if I should join a company or keep building my business. At that time my account gave me the best advice. He said if you can somehow manage to grow your business for three years and then sustain it for another two years then my business will do great. It motivated me, I started working a lot wearing all different hats from designer to marketer to business owner.  I started my business over 18 years ago and I am proud to say it is a big success. I have worked with hundreds of global entrepreneurs, startups, and fortune 500 companies.

Who was your biggest influence that inspires you to pursue your dreams in this country?

My father always encouraged me to do what I wanted. He was my foundation, my mother and my siblings are my strength. I am very blessed to have an amazing family!!

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